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  1. M109R Shop Talk
    I am looking for a new exhaust and came across a seller who has a custom exhaust but it came off a C109. According to him it fits the m109 model, but i want to confirm this before driving 300km to get it. Can anyone help me out? I cant find this information anywhere where i searched.
  2. C109Riders
    I like the C109, I really do. But I was thinking , wouldn't be nice to have foot pegs instead of running boards, and still keep that classic look. So my Question is, has anybody done this Mod ( Removing Running Boards and replaced with foot pegs ) to the C109. Or any Ideas on how this might be...
  3. C109 Shop Talk
    Just bought a 2008 c109r a week ago. Has always started quickly. Rode it Friday (3 days ago), no problem.This morning, I turned on the key, lights came on, hit the starter and no starter, no relay click, and the lights went out.I know I need to buy a maintenance manual, but in the meantime, can...
  4. C109Riders
    Hi guys, I recently traded my C50T for this C109RT (2010) a couple months ago. The bike came with the pictured cobra exhaust system. The slashed tips are losing their chrome and I've been trying to locate replacement ones. Having so much difficulty trying to fix this problem. Everywhere I look...
  5. C109Riders
    Planning on going darkside on my C109 (once the current Metz 240 is done). I already have read most darkside threads (I think...). It looks like most C109 darksiders are running a 225, but I want wider. I would really appreciate your input choosing a wide car tire for my C109. My requirements...
  6. C109Riders
    I am ready to make sure I can be heard when I pull up beside a car on the Interstate. Time to get rid of these factory pipes!! Before my "C", I had a "M" with Cobra Dragsters. I would like to hear what others would recommend and why. Also, I had rather not have to put a "Commander" (or...
1-6 of 14 Results