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  1. M90-Riders
    I have been looking into using Iridium Spark plugs in my 09 M90. My question is, has anyone had issues with backfires, or them running hot in their bikes. My baby has hit 21k on her miles and I'm hoping to put another 20k+. I can find info on the Iridium plugs in M109s but not M90s.
  2. M109R Shop Talk
    Whats up guys, I went for a short ride yesterday after installing a new battery. And I noticed a few deceleration pops that I've NEVER had before. They all happened when I got on it hard and back off. I actually felt one on my leg. So now I'm thinking front pipe gasket. Its not loud or sound any...
  3. General MC Board
    Hi all, need your help! Had a front cylinder head knock with both intake valves, the intake camshaft and camshaft bridge/ holder bending out of shape. I managed to get a complete cylinder head from an 07 109, that was essentially a plug and play. However, on starting up after the repair, the...
  4. M109R Shop Talk
    Ok, here is my problem. I have finally got around to opening my bike up to check the clutch. I did find a dry clutch, as expected. I checked the tube nut, and it was fine. The disc's looked good, the friction plates did have a few heat marks, but not as bad as expected. I did do the push pin...
  5. C109Riders
    I am having a problem with backfiring on decel. I have installed the hard krome 2.5 inch exhaust and did the edelbrock air filter mod. there is no air leaking out of the pipes from what I can feel and I plugged the pair valve tubes with marbles. I did install the PCV but there wasn't an exact...
  6. General MC Board
    Hi all so how can I stop the backfire? I have Tri pro 2in1 cobra exhaust with a power pro cobra fuel mange ment. I have removed the #7 wire to turn off the FI light (error code c46) for the exhaust. I have the Oxygen sensor eliminator from gmanindustries on. So why am I getting backfire when I...
1-6 of 6 Results