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    I'd be surprised if this has not already been posted..... Kinda cool, but then....... well, at least unique!
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    I have been trying to install a coastal moto genesis with 280/35/18 metz using la monsters post http://www.m109riders.com/forums/showthread.php?t=83361 I cant even get to first base :redfaced: ... the first picture shows the wheel nestled in between the swing arms. As far as I can see , unless...
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    I'm back everyone, Got my lady back after being in the shop for a couple of weeks. I'm in love all over again :drool::drool::drool: If I got looks before... Let me tell you... While It's parked, While I'm at a red light, @ my job. "Hey what kinda of bike is that?" "Awesome bike dude, what kind...