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    Default Be careful out there!

    Pulled out of my neighbourhood and out onto Clover Bar Road in Sherwood Park around 8:30 this morning. Within 45 seconds on Clover Bar, I see ambulances, fire trucks, and cops blocking the right lane in an area where there isn't so much as a side road turning off. As I get closer, I see a sport bike on it's side laying all by itself, and paramedics doing chest compressions on a fellow about 10 feet away in the grass. As far as I could see, there was no other vehicle around, unless the dude was cut off and had to bail. Guy could have been speeding and went out of control, but we're talking an in-town boulevard that is almost dead-straight and no one entering or exiting traffic in that area.

    Hadn't ridden in almost a week with the crappy weather and being busy, so was a very sobering way to start the morning ride to work ... . Regardless of the cause, just wanted to pass along the message to be extra careful out there. Keep your finger on that horn, and keep your distance from the blind spots of the cagers. I've already had 2 close calls on Whyte Avenue this year from cell phone cagers not shoulder checking.

    Keep the shiny side up!

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    Default Re: Be careful out there!

    Unfortunately, with the nice weather here and motorcycling in full throttle now, that poor guy will not be the last fatality we see on our roads. Always good advice to drive like everyone wants to hit ya.

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    Default Re: Be careful out there!

    Yes I can't agree with you more there ally, there have been a couple for me too this's been 25 years since my last bike and that one was a near write off, but fortunately I left that collision with not a scratch on me and 1600.00 in damage to my 1982 Yamaha XS650! Luckly ( I guess ) I've been riding my son's crotch rocket and been motocrossing for the past few years. Just do as lostrider says, ride like everyone wants to hit you. ( to an extent of course )


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    Default Re: Be careful out there!

    Likewise here, last week I rolled up to stop sign, there was a lady stopped in the opposite side with her signal on, I waited a bit to see if she was going(she was there before me), then she waves me through so out goes the clutch and as always I give a quick check to the left, first traffic contact if there is any and out of the corner of my eye I spot her gunnin' it left right in front of me. I locked em up and luckily I hadn't built any speed yet and stopped very quickly or she would have creamed me. Geez! I pulled in to fuel up half a block down the road and took the time to clean my need eyes all round your head.

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