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    Default The Loop!! North GA

    Have you guys been on "The Loop"?

    You may of seen the reports on FOX News...

    When you visit the above link make sure you watch the related items on the right..
    The main clip is nothing that comes up is nothing put the Part-1 & 2 are..
    Mountain Motorcycles Part 1

    & Part 2

    I'm looking for great places to write about rides for motorcycles on
    Haven't open that website up yet but need lots of info before doing so.

    Ride Safe..

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    Default Re: The Loop!! North GA

    I have ridden "the loop." Most riders in GA have, I suspect. Superb riding!

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    Default Re: The Loop!! North GA

    Some of the best riding roads around.

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    Default Re: The Loop!! North GA

    RIDE TN:)

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