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    New to the 109R Family,

    Last weekend I went¬* my cousin to local Houston dealership. He was shopping for a bike, not me. I recently traded in my 05 Busa¬* for a 06 Harley Road King.¬* When I saw the 109 from behind, I was like "WOW" . The salesperson told me that it had some of the GSXR components, that made me more interested. However, we were looking for my cousin. He is really interested in the Vulcan 2K. How does the 109R/2K compare? I could not get that bike off my mind, so Thursday night; I applied a loan on-line. Yesterday was I approved for 100% financing. Is 13,900 OTD a good price? I am keeping my Harley and just adding the 109R to the stable. I want to see the blue before I decide on which color to get.

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    13,900 OTD may be a bit high, depending where you are. wish you luck.
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    I don't know how far you are from OK, but someone on the board said they were cheaper there. Hopefully they'll stop by and let you know where its at. I would suggest getting the cycletrader magazine and look in it. That's how I found the dealer where I bought mine. BTW, mine was 11,556 OTD. Thats in FL so its probably a bit too far. Good Luck.

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