I'll buy the tires ..but
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Thread: I'll buy the tires ..but

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    Question I'll buy the tires ..but

    Hi..new guy here...reasonably what should i expect to pay to have stock tires mounted?

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    If you take the wheels off yourself and bring only the wheels to the shop, its much cheaper than if the shop has to remove the wheels from the bike also.

    My local shop charges $25 - $30 per wheel to mount and balance if I bring in only the wheel and if I purchase the tire from them. They may charge a bit more if I bought the tire elsewhere.

    I do not know the cost if I brought the entire bike in for them to remove the wheels also as I have never done that.
    But it is likely they would go by "Book" labor charges on top of what they normally charge to mount and balance.
    Most shops charge near $100 per hour or more for labor, so it could cost around $150 to have both tires mounted and balanced if you bring in the entire bike instead of just the wheels.

    There is usually also a small tire disposal fee for the shop to get rid of the old tires. This is normally $5-$8 per tire.
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    Default Cost to mount tires

    I live in Lake Havasu, Arizona. This is Harley country which means you pay a premium for everything.

    I had a tires mounted front and back for my 07 M109R. I brought the tires in and dropped the bike with them. The cost was 60 dollars plus 20 dollars because I didn't buy the tires from them plus 7 dollars per tire for disposal.

    I also have a GSXR 1300BK (B-King). This is a Haybusa for old guys. Replacing the back tire was 60 dollars plus 20 (bmot) plus 7 dollars.

    Pat Price

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    It cost me a total of $170.00 a year ago to have the two old tires taken out, mount the new ones , balance them plus tax . The tires I also brought them with me .
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    "Hi..new guy here...reasonably what should i expect to pay to have stock tires mounted?"
    Just my two cents, but you wouldn't even have to worry about the cost if you know where to look for affordable tires. If you're going to try aftermarket tires in the foreseeable future, better check out 4WheelOnline. They have a huge selection of tires to choose from, including motorbike tires.

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    Tires online are normally CHEAPER but watch what you get, once bought front tire (Metzeler ROADTEC Z8 INTERACT 160/60 ZR 1 from a online seller but sent wrong size and was 17" tire and I didnt catch it till months later when I went to get mounted!

    Local shop called said Ya this will not fit on this rim! I tried get my money back and they wouldn't even respond, the shop kept tire and sold it a YEAR later and still lost $25 a year later to get my money back all because I tried save $25 so beware go with seller has lots feedback and return policy's! this is good company and good prices! https://www.ebay.com/usr/motorcyclew...p2047675.l2559


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