Telsa wheel tyer for sale
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Thread: Telsa wheel tyer for sale

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    Default Telsa wheel tyer for sale

    Telsa offroad tyer available for sales , work well and at a very cheaper rate.
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    Who else is getting tired of all the political text, constant BS phone calls and most of all these damn scammers at every turn.

    This forum now has more scammers posting than actual legitimate members.

    Can an admin please boot this guy and many others just like him.

    Its pretty easy to tell who's who, this guy has 4 total post and not one is about a M109R, he is just selling random **** from Toyota Corolla parts to a Superman suit in hopes that some unfortunate fool will actually text the number posted.

    Scammers and a$$holes that call and text you bull**** should be strung up and beat like a piñata with a base ball bat.
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    amen brother!
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