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Thread: Engine Noise - NEED HELP

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    Default Engine Noise - NEED HELP

    OK team, looking for insight on what this might be. There's a bunch of pics, but pay attention to the videos in the folder. Scenario: we were riding home from St. Augustine, pushing high end speeds in bursts, decceled to go around a bend and bike started to stutter a bit, down shifted, started to loose power as well. Couldn't accelerate much, pulled over and bike shut off before I had a chance to shut it off. No F1 or Oil Pressure light. Loud knocking noise that seems mostly to be coming form the Clutch Cover area. Drained oil and found metal shavings on the plugs (oil was changed with in the last 1000 miles, Mobil1 10T 10W-40 Racing oil. Coolant was filled with Engine Ice, and both reservoir and radiator appear correctly full, and oil appears on dipstick (see pics).


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    Sounds like you got a valve hitting the piston. You need to start taking stuff apart from the top end to see what is going on.

    If you're running really lean, you may have cooked part of the valve.
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    I had a similar issue with my bike, however it never died on its own and I didn't have the shavings in my oil. However I did loose power and the bike knocked. For me the issue turned out to be a bad spark plug. I lost compression and the knock was caused by the plug rattling around. I will send you a clip to show you what mine sounded like and how the plug looked. Hope it helps you out bud.
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    OK, little bit hard to tell from the audio in the video, but, its not good, it definitely sounds like its from the top end of the rear or front cylinder, I'd start by removing the rocker covers, rear first, and checking the cams and tappets, if the clearances have never been done it may of fractured and broken up a shim. Definitely start there.
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