Looking to upgrade my stock intake system
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Thread: Looking to upgrade my stock intake system

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    Default Looking to upgrade my stock intake system

    Considering the the forcewinder intake has anyone heard anything about them? Couldn't find to many reviews

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    I have the Forcewinder intakes on my bike. They look good, and before I installed my HardKrome Sideburner exhaust, my GoPro would pick up the intake noise, kinda cool. But to be honest, They don’t mount up easy. The little post on the back of them does not line up with the mount for the stock filter housing. You have to figure out which support goes to which side. No instructions on that. There is a difference. One day I will make a new mount for the post so that they line up better. They are not the best quality. If I was to do it again, I would buy the cheap Chinese version, and slap some filters on from BCS here on the forum that have the tops open with an inverted filter. BUT, I do like the looks of them and get quite a few compliments. Also, I like to point out to my Harley Friends that the force wonders for their bike only comes with one filter because they make half the horsepower.

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