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    Who’s got nitrous on their m109. I just got. Dry kit but need to figure out where bottle mount can go. Post pics if you have them

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    More important than bottle location, you want to insure your timing and fuel maps are correct with the nitrous shot so you don't end up running very lean at high RPM while on the NOS.

    Ideally you would want to have 2 maps, one for when you are on NOS and one for when you are not.

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    Yeah I plan on getting it on dyno. I already have tuner installed.

    I just was wondering about bottle locations on others and what worked and didn’t work.

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    I saw in your other posts that you were looking at the Cobra PowrPro for a tuner. That is not advisable if you are going to run nitrous. I think that your best bet will be to search the forums for Nitrous and start reading before you spend any more money.

    It would be a shame if you wasted money on parts you can't use, but it would be far worse if you blew up the engine from leaning it out way too far by adding nitrous without proper fuel management setup specifically for nitrous.

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    Yeah I did more research and ended up getting woolich racing ecu flasher. A lot more options and access to more than just fuel mapping.

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    Got it installed
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    Cool! What size bottle is that (looks like about 2 pounds), and what size shot are you going to be running? I had nitrous on my mustang for about 8-10 years and never had an issue. I sold the car and the guy blew the head gaskets the 2nd week. Found out he was doing some street racing and decided that he wanted more. Nitrous is a a great add. But the key thing to remember is that more is not always better.

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    It is a 2lb bottle. I have a 25 jet on it. Ran it on the track tonight. Having hard time keeping front end down. Running high 6s in 1/8mile. But that’s cause I couldn’t keep the damn front end down

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