Bit of a vent first
Had an "oops" on the bike, fell over slowly and ended up snapping the end off my clutch lever and scraping the back of the left mirror up.

Looked up parts on Oneida Suzuki and found the part "#9-4 2014-19 BOSS LEVER CLUTCH 57500-48G30/1" - sent a request off their website asking if this was the correct part number as color was not mentioned. Their response was "Please use the detailed diagram in the listing to select the part you need. The parts are numbered in the listing." -well no feces Sherlock. But I went ahead and ordered it and a new mirror. After 3 days of delays from UPS it was finally delivered to an address I haven't lived at in 2 years. Drive out there to get my hands on the package and the mirror is black but the lever is chrome.


I sent them back another request detailing the part is chrome not black and had they mentioned that in their helpful response to my question I would have done more research but as the part number said BOSS I assumed it was black, silly me, would like to return this one for a black lever that comes on the BOSS.

Now my question here is has anyone ordered a stock lever from a dealer and was it indeed black? Do you have a correct part number? I was going to find aftermarket levers but none that I've seen have appealed to me.