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    Hi guys I've just changed the front motor mounts as there was movement in the engine. As before these were done the clutch lever went stiff under acceleration and would sometimes slip the clutch, this is is still happening?? Any ideas ?? There was a new clutch fitted just before I brought it January and I have 5mm play in the lever on adjustment ...thank you

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    Cable tightening under acceleration is normal.

    If you are getting clutch slippage upon acceleration then your cable is likely still a bit too tight.

    The service manual calls for 10mm - 15mm of free play.

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    You should adjust it so you can fit two quarters between the lever and the perch. If you can't do that, it's too tight. I had to put a new cable on mine in 2014 when the original broke. After initially adjusting it, went out riding, and had to stop several times and make minor adjustments to get it right. For me, I just keep adjusting it until when accelerating, there is just the slightest hint of free-play. It seems excessive when sitting there idling, but it's just right when accelerating.
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    If you haven’t already, reroute the clutch cable over the bottom left motor mount. The factory routes it under the motor mount.

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    Whats the advantage of doing this ? I'm ordering motor mounts from TRod so am curious. Thanks
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