Well, I'm now part of the 9-er club!
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Thread: Well, I'm now part of the 9-er club!

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    Talking Well, I'm now part of the 9-er club!

    I picked her up yesterday.
    2008 with 48,000km on it.
    All stock except for a backrest and windshield.
    Couple of funny things:
    Previous owner to the guy i bought it from de-badged it. So the last guy had 3D-Printed badges made up and put them on. Wondering about replacing them or removing them.
    Also, has that exhaust squeak on startup. I checked here first before buying and found it's not harmful, just annoying so I plan on lubing it first and see how that goes.
    Few small chips in paint from time and miles on it, so I want to find a paint pen to touch it up.

    Any and all tips / suggestions welcome as I am green to the 109's

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default CONGRATULATIONS. :))

    Awesome and welcome to the 9'r club. Best looking and one of the fastest bikes out there.
    Take your time with her, she's a beast. Get in the parking lot and do a lot of slow speed manoeuvring with pylons if you have them.
    Dont be surprised when the foot peg acorn nut scrubs the road and grinds you to awakening. She doesn’t lean as much as one might think she should. I use my boot heal as a pre warning it’s coming. My heal has a nice 45 degree angle cut in them. Haha
    Those front signals don’t look stock? They look smaller than the rears? Could be the pic.
    Just ride it this summer, give yourself time before jumping into add ones or mods.
    Was suppose to do a cross country trip with my toy hauler and black knight but Covid dampened those plans. So maybe hook up with you next summer as I pass through.

    Safe travels and shiny side up bud. :))
    2008 Black M109R
    Prince George, BC. Canada
    MODS Begin: Speedometer Face Plate, Amsoil Full synthetic, C.W. back rest, 2'' chrome risers, Spear Air Intakes, Dunlop Elite III 250, LeatherLyke Saddlebags

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    & to the Family! Let the good times roll!

    JESUS IS LORD! 2008 Candy Max Orange Debeavered, Yana Shiki 2" bones, Grasshopper backrest, V&H Big Shots, Dunlop Elite-3 250 rear, Dunlop D251 150 front, LED brake lights, micro brite rear turn signals, Arlen Ness billet chrome grips, smoothie rear fender, ATRE, Wolo horn, Scorp motor mounts, Gel seat, Chrome M109R derby cover, A&R 6K HID.
    I fly low, those who fly low, fly long! BIG MIKE

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    Default My first 100km

    Ok, so first thing I noticed about this bike.. it's angry.. haha.. 50km/h? (30mph) sure.. in 1st..
    I was doing a 120km/h down the highway in 4th and it was only at about 3000rpms.. geeeeeezzzz... what the hell is 5th gear for? Does it unlock a portal?

    Any way.. few things I have questions about.
    1. The clutch seems to want to engage full power rather quickly. whereas my old bike had about a good inch before it was full grab - this seems like 1/4" So if you picture this |------| as your clutch lever travel from bar to open my old bike would be like |--{---}--| for how much travel the clutch took to be full power.. this seems like |-{-}---| (normal?)
    2. gear selection is hard.. Clunk and slight lunge forward to first.. chatter-clunk to second, clunk to third and so on... normal? I heard this thing is a "shift like you mean it" but even hammering it seems like a heck of a clunk.
    3. higher RPM's kinda like a slight chugging feeling? sweet spot seems to be 3000 - 4500 rpm after that it's like the power band is flattening or something. normal?
    4. Factory hand grips make my hands sore.. swap to ISO?
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    Congrats on the new 9!

    you can find your touch up paint on color rite’s website. They have the factory paint code match for your bike.


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