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    I've searched thru all the threads about clutch issues and replacement. I want to know what is the latest with regards to clutch issues, replacement and what parts to use.
    I have 34k (21000 miles) on my bike. When it's cold, I get the shudder. I'm now experiencing the shudder periodically when it's warmed up. Do I need to replace the clutch ? If I replace it, should I do the 'pin' mod ? While I am not a seasoned mechanic, I do most of the work on my bike myself. I have replaced the mounts and lowered the bike myself (to mention a few things I've done). Should I attempt to replace the clutch myself ? Where is the best video showing this being done ? How long should I expect it to take ? Where is the best deal on the full kit ?
    Sorry for all the questions, but isn't this what this forum is made for ? ... yes another question.
    Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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    Don’t do the pin mod. Suzuki engineers deigned things the way they are because that’s what they do. Doing the mod puts too much oil where you are wanting it to go and takes it away from where it should be. Bad idea

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    Sounds like your tubular nut has backed off.
    I did the clutch on my bike this past winter. Wasn't that bad. Once I finished I felt the job wasn't as bad as I made it out to be. There were a few YouTube video's that I watched as I went along. Its about a 2-3 hr job start to finish if you have all the parts. My problem was trying to do it in parts...

    I switched to the 2011+ 6 plate design and respective springs. Also did the pin mod and tightened my tub nut. Scariest part was my tub nut was finger tight- needs to be torqued to 110 ftlbs.

    The bike feels 100% better and looking back I should have done this years ago.

    - the pin mod is your call. A large number of people have done this mod and I have yet to hear anything negative regarding it. When you see how dry and burnt your plates are, you'll likely shave the pin a little....
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