Are there any upgrades or modifications for the C109rt Clutch
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Thread: Are there any upgrades or modifications for the C109rt Clutch

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    Default Are there any upgrades or modifications for the C109rt Clutch

    I keep burning through my clutches extremely fast on my 2008 C109rt. I was thinking maybe an upgrade to a hyper clutch or high performance kit may solve my problem. Only issues is I only see those for the M109 . Will the M109 clutch plates and spring work on the C109rt?

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    Default fine

    Mine seems ok still
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    I did a little research for my bike about this. The M109 had part changes in 2011 if I remember correctly. What the changes were was more clutch plates. the good news is the clutch basket remained the same. The plates are thinner and fit. What i found was that my 2009 C109 already had that clutch. The M109 improvent in 2011 was to use 2009 C109 clutch kit.
    I also remember noticing that the 2008 C109 had the old M109 clutch plates.
    Over this past winter I replaced all of the clutch discs including the plates that dont have friction material. Basicly everything in the Basket brand new with new springs and bolts. I found the old springs in my bike were at least 2 coils shorter. so don't know if that was because they were just worn out or if made to be longer. I have 33,000 on my bike when I replaced them. I had been dealing with the clutch chatter all last year. So glad i replaced it this year. I got all factory parts and it was very expensive. $400 maybe? cant remember. But so worth it.

    There is a web site that sells factory parts. I cant remember what the address is but you'll find it. It shows exploded views of the engine components. Check out your 2008 clutch pak and compare it to the 2009 clutch pak. You should also note that the clutch basket is the same part number for both. Your 2008 clutch will show less plates. Buy the 12 or so plates, springs and bolts for the 2009. I'm sure you'll be happy.
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