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    Hello all
    I have 2013 m109
    First, I had some weird clutch like power is not transfer fully to the beast. It would revive up and moves slowly but not huge power after letting the clutch lever all the way out. Then It was hard to put it shift to drive. I had to play with the shifter up and down couple times and moving the bike back and forth until shift!
    I was wondering if it only could be only bad clutch plates or the loose nut common problem. what are the symptoms of the loose nut?

    Thank you

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    Loose tube nut symptom will be that the clutch pull at the lever will feel fine but your clutch will not disengage.

    That does not sound like what you have going on.

    From what you describe your clutch plates are either worn out or you do not have the clutch adjusted properly.

    I am guessing the later but depending on how long this has been going on it could be both now.

    As far as being hard to put in gear, check to see that your shift linkage rod is not hitting on the bottom of your generator case.

    If it is then check your motor mount bushing to see if they are worn and causing your engine to sit at a lower stance.

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