Digital Guard Dawg Help needed.
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Thread: Digital Guard Dawg Help needed.

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    Default Digital Guard Dawg Help needed.

    I recently purchased dgd keyless system. I've spoken to the "techs" multiple times, still leaving me nervous about splicing wires. I finally broke down and started cutting. I made male/female butt connectors from the ignition side of the plug in case I screwed up I could just put it all back together and still drive my 9.

    I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with splicing into theirs and what was your approach for splicing into the starter switch since it does the system check before starting?

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    Rather than splice and cut I'd try some of the Posi-Lock products.

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    As stated posilocks are a good choice. Another option is t taps. No cutting either way

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    I don’t have any personal experience with it, but there was a group buy for the DGD on the Victory owners group forum a few years back. Everyone loved it initially, but there were a few post where guys were having problems with it a couple of years later. I didn’t get one so I didn’t pay much attention to what the issues were. Might want to do some research on that site. “” you will be better off doing a google search for digital guard dog, the VOG. Search engine on that site sucks!

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    Is this what you are installing?

    Which wire(s) specifically are you concerned with?

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