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    Just installed a smart turn system on my C109. If I was to do it again I would not use the connectors in kit I would solder the wires since the connectors take up a bit of space and there is not a lot of room in the headlight nacelle for the wires so getting everything packed back in was a bit of a challenge. You also really have to stuff the foam in the turn signal switch to turn the switch into a momentary switch. Once I got it installed it works really well; the sensors in the unit and the algorithm seem to be top notch. I was not able to fool it riding around today intentionally trying to fool it. The reason I bought it was I get in a zone and sometimes forget to turn off my signals and even mounting mirrors that flash at me does not always get my attention. If you are someone that forgets blinkers sometimes or a lot this is a good safety item.

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    Good to know, ive been thinking about one of these for over a year. I forget my signals all the time

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    same here... i got so used to my past bikes with the self-cancelling turns that i routinely forget on 9.
    i was curious about them but since i first sent for info, i have had an email every single day about the kit so i was considering looking at other options.
    just don't like the digital harassment with a flood of emails.
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