Need rechrome/replace clutch cover
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Thread: Need rechrome/replace clutch cover

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    Default Need rechrome/replace clutch cover

    In checking my C109 clutch wear, the chrome is peeling badly on the cover. New cover is about $680. Would like to check into having it rechromed vs new.
    Also found the damper springs in the clutch hub worn/loose and probably rattling. Is there any alternative to a new hub. I've got about 78k miles on the bike and hub, 40k on the clutch plates.

    Thanks be safe, stay healthy.

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    Default re Rechrome Clutch Cover

    I sent mine here and they did a nice job at a reasonable price.
    Dallas Plating
    Dallas, Georgia

    I took photos of my cover off the bike from all angles using a tape measure in the photos for dimensional reference.
    2008 Blue/White C109RT waiting for the aftermarket to catch up....

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