I finally got around to replacing my Clutch and front Motor Mounts. What a difference. I had been suffering with the clutch shudder for at least 2 seasons. It had been long enough that I forgot how nice it is to have a clutch work properly..LOL. I bought the parts a couple years. I ordered all the clutch plates, 16 I think, and new springs and bolts. All came in OEM Suzuki sealed bags. Cost a lot but glade I went OEM. I noticed the new springs I bought were longer though, by about 1 or 2 coils. I read it was advised to buy the new springs and bolts so I am glad I did. install was easy. I think anyone that has enough mechanical skills to do light repairs and mods on their own can do the job. worst part about it was removing the front pipe and that's not so hard. I replaced them with cobras a couple summers ago so it made things a lot easier. I did the whole job on the side stand and didn't leak a drop of oil. the oil all drains down into the pan and the clutch side is completely dry.

While I was that far into it with the exhaust already off I tackled the motor mounts I got from Trod a year ago. His are not factory mounts they are a solid composite material or something. They fit nice and snug. My original mounts were trashed. 30,000 miles on my bike. My mounts were worse than anything I have seen on You Tube or any posts with pics. So glad I did it. The solid mounts probably give a little more engine feel than the soft rubber, but they are way better and supposed to last lot longer. I can say I can now use my mirrors on the highway again. Before the vibration with the old mounts made it almost imposable to use them.

Hope this post helps someone on the fence about doing the work themselves. It wasn't hard at all to do the clutch. The engine mounts were a little bit more involved. Need a bike jack and a shop jack used together to lift the bike and support the motor. Have to remove both floor boards, highway bars and manipulate the plastic cover up in front of the gas tank to reveal more frame bolts that have to be removed. Need to be able to squeeze your fingers into a few tight places to remove nuts and bolts. I watched what I could find on You Tube how to do it and was able to learn enough to attempt it. Glad I did. Wasn't too bad, just a lot of crawling around on my garage floor.