Not if ...just when! Another close call...
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Thread: Not if ...just when! Another close call...

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    So as everyone who has been on bikes for any length of time knows, it's not ever an if we get in an accident or hit by a driver who isn't paying attention, but when. Unfortunately I have had a few of these including one instance on my M50 which resulted in me having to learn to walk again.
    Today is a story of an almost. Today I was reminded of two things. The first is that as an avid motorcyclist you can never sacrifice a second of thinking when it comes to studying other people and their predicted actions. I had a feeling as I passed the lady in the red F150 that she wasn't driving like a human that understands the 3 Ton machine she was In Control of will not resist killing the person in front of her(me). This was apparent by her attention to her cigarette and something else in the truck more important than the lines on the road and speed limit that she couldn't manage.
    As I slowed down for my turn into my neighborhood and tapped my brake lights 6 times with my blinker on so she has plenty of time to get to a safe speed, I realized there was no way she would be able to not plow into the rear of my bike.
    Already in first gear I gave her all the beans bounced the revlimiter into second and glided the front tire back to the ground as smooth as silk. That's when I was reminded of the second thing. Awesome low end torque! Our bike ability to go from not-to-ohdang is so impressive! Had I been on a smaller bike I wouldn't be able to write this thread today.

    Always be attentive to those around you and learn to predict their will save your life! Small town(Kingsland, Ga) or big city... It doesn't make a difference.
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