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    So I figured I'm start a thread. Since I will be using nitrous which generates considerable heat, I figured I would add a thermal barrier ceramic coating. This Cerakote piston coating seems to be what everyone is using. There are plenty of how to videos on YouTub which I suggest you watch if you want to do this. Basically, you have to media blast with 100-120 grit aluminum oxide, spray gun the stuff on, and bake at 300 degrees. I did it with the valves in place and they easily popped loose when done with none leaking into the seats. It seems to have turned out really nice and I feel much more comfortable replacing the ceramic coating that I believe I ground off of the heads on accident. PS this took less than 1oz of product which I believe was around $40 for a 4oz bottle. One more thing - for the love of God don't even open the bottle without a proper charcoal respirator. You will be sorry.

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