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Thread: PLEASE help: m109 second gear issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by Un0nueve View Post
    Does anyone know what's the problem when 2nd gear jerks at 4rpm or higher? I've seen some very old posts about it, but couldn't find a post of someone finding the problem or getting it fixed
    Doe this only happen under hard acceleration? And only in 2nd gear? If so, that is the beginning symptom of the dreaded second gear failure. Trust me, I know. Was in the same situation as you are, and it only gets worse :-(

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    I bought a 2009 last summer with 17000 on it. It started jumping in 2nd like the clutch slipped, then grabbed. No it is jumping into neutral even if I hold my foot under the shift lever. Looks like a costly repair since the engine had to be dropped. Bought this from a reputable bike shop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jtrain View Post
    I bought a 2009 M109R2, I bought it at 9k miles from a local trusted shop. I noticed when riding it first second gear was hard to get into. Ive never had any slipping (besides at really high RPMS)

    at the end of the summer second gear was even harder to get into, I have to wear steel toe boots and "shift like i mean it", Its not ridden enough to need an oil change (when sold from the shop theyre changed)

    Im scared that it is a "bent fork issue" ive been reading about

    Bike is completely stock, my main questions are is my bike going to break completely and will I have to get it rebuilt LOL, and what maintenance I should be doing on it? Preventative maintenance included, Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate any info you have to say.
    Hydraulic Clutch will not eliminate the 2nd gear issue but will eliminate the need to adjust the cable in case it is the problem Eliminates stretch adjusting lubricating and the mighty breaking when you least expect it Then you can attend to the gearbox issue if you still have it I have an 08 with Hydraulic clutch kit and no problems other than the usual noisy change that is inherent in this configuration D'ESSE AUSTRALIA $440USD Delivered worldwide [email protected]

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