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    I got my m109r this pass summer and I love it. I want to add more horsepower. Do anyone have any suggestions.

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    Different intakes and exhaust and flash the ECM or add a tuner. And if you want more then that, you will need to modify the internals of the engine. There are PAGES of these mods on the forum, so there is plenty to read and research.
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    Intake and exhaust. 2-into-1 exhaust is usually better. And a fuel programmer or flash to the ECM is required if you do both. We've always said around here, do the intakes or the exhaust, you can leave it be. Do both, you need to address it as the bike will be way too lean. A flash would be beneficial to a totally stock bike though. I've been meaning to get mine done, and may do so during the winter down time months. Guys like BeringCSparky can do it, and they can do other things while in there, such as turn down the temperature at which the fan comes on. Really would be nice during the summer months. The last Suzuki I had, there was a way to put a toggle switch in the fan circuit, so I could turn the fan on any time I wanted. Don't know if that is doable here. There was a test circuit on the bike and you tested if the fan was working or not by pulling a wire. So, I just wired a switch into that circuit, so when the switch was activated, the bike thought the wire was pulled. Worked great. But it was a 1972 Suzuki GT750J Lemans (Water Buffalo). Sold that bike in 2006 when I bought the Nine. Wish I hadn't.
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    yeah upgrade your air filters, exhaust and get the ECU flashed.
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    Welcome to the Forum, and congratulations on becoming an M109R owner.

    As for your question about improving the power and performance of your 9, the best mods would be to add a 2 into 1 exhaust (I suggest the Hard Krome Velocity Pro Race Short or SideBurner exhaust), aftermarket air intakes (I suggest the round, fully open air exhausts...Look at MEANCYCLES for options), and Full ECU FLASH (performed by Jason Baker aka SCORP, or Charles Sparks aka Bering_C_Sparky. You won’t recognize your 9 after those mods are added to your bike. It’s like imagining a Gorilla on steroids.

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