Hi all,

I've had a long search and a read through the forums but a bit confused by some of the conflicting reports and info so hoping to get some clarity here please, particularly as some of the posts are quite old.

I have a low mileage (6000) 2006 M1800r, it rides brilliantly but for the clutch.

1) When it's cold and particularly when it's been sat a while the clutch is very juddery, verging on dangerous in traffic. It appears worse if the bike is parked on a slope so I'm guessing lack of oil due to the clutch push piece. The cable is well adjusted and lubed and there is no slip, engine mounts are fine, gear changes are smooth (well as smooth as they can be on these beasts!)
Do I have to modify the clutch push (23121-41G00-000) or can I replace with the later version (23121-41G00) no 22 in image? Is this even the right part or is it one of the other rods?

2) The clutch is heavy. I ride in town mostly so it's really noticeable. Cable is well lubed and well routed and when I tried a much later model it's much lighter and smoother

It would seem I can upgrade the clutch springs and plates to later versions, do I only need to replace the following
6 x springs (21413-35F10) no 4 in image
6 x plate clutch drive no1 (21441-22H00) no 5 in image
5 x plate clutch driven no1 (21451-22H00) no 9 in image


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Any advise would be really appreciated.

Many thanks