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    Hi guys wondering if you can help, I have 2011 M109R took it for a ride one day noticed oil leaking on the left side of the bike dealer told me oil got sucked in to my intakes. They also told me there’s nothing they can to fix it just happens. Any one know how to fix this problem? Please help

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    Others will give you more detailed answers I'm sure but this is called "puking" oil and is a common completely normal reaction to too much oil added after an oil change.

    Drain some oil to the proper level or puke it out...! The only remedy I am aware of. Then make sure you don't add more than required during your next change.

    Note: I also don't know if this damages the intake in any way. someone else will surely confirm, just wanted to give you a quick reply with what little I know.

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    Its more than likely the dealer over filled the bike and they should be the one that cleans the mess up.

    Im not sure but I thought the 2011 had some sort of catch can on them?

    I have a catch can on my 07. Best damn mod I did to mine. Never have to worry about it puking anymore.

    Some have had their puke with synthetic oil and have gone back to regular oil with success.

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    As stated above, the issue is normally too much oil added during an oil change. These things can be hard to get a correct oil level when checking. The catch can is a good idea if you ever have this issue. When I changed my oil, I alway measured the exact amount that I removed, and added that same amount. It was always right at 4 quarts when doing the oil and filter.

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