109R engine breakdown and gear box oil mod (mod the jet and not the clutch shaft)
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Thread: 109R engine breakdown and gear box oil mod (mod the jet and not the clutch shaft)

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    Default 109R engine breakdown and gear box oil mod (mod the jet and not the clutch shaft)

    Hey guys,

    Found this on youtube. Shows how to dismantle and remove one of the cylinders to get to the gear box and how to get more oil to the clutch and the gear box without modifying the clutch shaft flats. Also mentions why the 2nd gear issue happens and what needs to be replaced (2nd and 3rd gear cogs and the last shift fork).

    I am clueless about this subject but thought some more experienced members may benefit, and also discuss whether the advice is valid or not.

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    "Lubrication system is the semi-dry-sump type, to keep the crankcase compact, reduce engine height,and furthermore, to avoid mechanical losses caused by crankshaft oil agitation. And because the transmission case doubles as an oil tank, the engine can also be made more compact in terms of overall size"


    i dont think you need more oil in the gearbox, the dipstick is located in the gearbox and if you check the dipstick straight after turning the engine off you will see that its crammed full of oil

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    Hate to tell you. The reason why we modify the adjustment pin with 3 "flat sides" is due to the clearance that is between the adjustment pin and the hole in the counter balance shaft is very little---not allowing much oil out into the center of the clutch basket. So any mod that does not change that clearance will not do much for oil to the clutch basket. That is a machine fit area and increasing oil volume does not mean there will be more oil getting to the clutch plates. You need more clearance for oil to get through into the basket. Simple concept really.
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    As I've always said, I must've gotten lucky. My 06 is headed for 37,000 miles. Never had one problem with second gear, with the exception of it requiring a "shift it like you mean it" technique to get er done. And while I have had the occasional shudder, it's never been a ride destroying event. If it happens at all, it happens once on a ride, and then not again. And that's if it happens period. Twice this year. That's all. Usually right after starting out on a ride, after warming it up for a few minutes. It never happens at all after the bike reaches operating temperature. And it never occurs after parking it for hours, then restarting it and going again. Figure that one out!

    So, my engine isn't being torn down. If it ever requires it, hopefully futurR is still out there doing them.
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