6 months ago I bought an 09 M109R with 7,500 miles on it.

Had a bad clutch shudder which wouldn’t resolve itself no matter what oil I used it even if I left bike leaned over on right bar overnight.

I pulled clutch apart all the way down to the primary gear, tubular nut was tight, plates had oil on them (definitely not dry). Clutch plates not worn steel plates not blued.

I took all into Suzuki and coaxed mechanic out the back to review (6 pack miller lite did the trick)

He said some of the clutch fiber plates looked burnt and advised a replacement kit.

Rather than your typical 5 plate kit I went with a 5+2 kit to include the 2 outside plates and also replaced wave washer, wave washer seat & first steel plate. Everything to do with clutch, 6 -10 on parts diagram, I reused my steel plates as they weren’t burnt and were flat on glass surface.

I bought the kit from Mean cycles, high performance clutch kit 5+2 with springs $160
(Amazing service from these guys, short staffed during Dorian they got me the parts in 2 days. Not so good were Babbitts (Suzuki parts house) I’m still waiting for some of the parts. After a week of waiting for Babbitts I ordered from Partszilla and they got me my parts in 2 days. Shout out to these guys.

The weird thing is the new clutch springs feel softer, at least initially, than the originals.🤪

Installed everything, soaked plates first, and bike is running like a dream, I’m not scared to pull off and even tried a few launches 😀

I also installed new exhaust gaskets, with postage and everything total cost was $220

Well worth it and an easy job, thanks to poisnus procedure found on this website.

M109R is a beast, not sure what else I could ride that would impress me this much, Yamaha Raider is a joke compared to this.