The Joy's of breaking down
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    Well hello there, my Suzuki* is playing* up again, on Bank holiday* Monday* coming back from Redditch* meet, the bike decided to come to a stop, what happened?About 20 miles from Bristol, I heard a noise in the engine* department, straight* away pull over onto the hard shoulder, then the bike cut out completely*
    Won't start again and the funny thing no neutral* light on dashboard.
    So I call the AA for rescue, after 1hr and 50 mins the calvary* appeared, the patrolman* then ask me to start the engine, strange* thing happen then, the neutral* light came back on and it started, but the bike sounded* lumpy, anyway onto the garage.
    Well today I have found out there is no compression* on rear cylinder, he has put a camera* down to check the piston* and the barrel* and that is ok,so next job off with top head to check what is going on in that department

    Well they say this things* happen* in three and this is the third time broken* down, so now I have to wait till the middle of September* for him to start working* on the bike and to see what* damage has been* done*


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    i have some engine parts in b/ham if needed darren

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    Thank you Frankj

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