I love this bike , lol...
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    Today I took my 2013 109r to get a hair cut . The barber shop is about 7 miles from me and when I headed back I pushed the throttle a little bit … Man this bike is really something … I had to turn on a big intersection to get to the highway and while turning I twisted the throttle and I cut feel the power of the bike flowing to the rear tire and the bike started to accelerate on full control more and more … Wow , it is exhilarating . I can hit 100 mph on this bike in literally no time at all with just a little bit of grip twist … it is like riding a missile . The power of this bike is absolutely brutal . I can feel the difference because yesterday I took my 16 Chieftain for a short ride . The Chieftain is all about comfort and feel good ; the M109r is about raw power , just like an injection of adrenaline … this bike is going to die with me , I will never sell it .

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    I won't ever sell my 06 either. Yeah it's powerful. But then I hop on my B-King, and it makes my Nine feel like a lead sled Mack truck.
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