Longest lasting tires???
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Thread: Longest lasting tires???

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    Default Longest lasting tires???

    I've been reading through lots of tire threads; most are more focused on performance and the widest possible tires. I have a 100 mile round trip commute and rack up quite a few miles. I also have a trip coming up where I'll put a few thousand miles on. So tire life matters to me, I can give up a little stickiness to add a few thousand miles to a set of tires. At this point I'm not ready to go Darkside (ran one on my Rocket for a while) but might in the future. What combo in the stock or near stock size gives the longest life? I have run Michelin Commander IIs on my touring bike and gotten excellent life and see that they make a rear (haven't looked at fronts yet) in the stock size. The other I'd consider would be the Dunlop Elite 4 in a 250-had good luck with the E3 and understand life is similar but with better wet-weather performance.

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    The tires you referred to are probably your best bet, since mileage is a major concern for you. It sounds like you just need to choose between the two.

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    Thing to remember about tire life is your right hand controls it. Acceleration scrubs tread off, engine braking scrubs tread off. Not much you can do about it, but on a trip of long distance, go easy on it, it'll last longer. Dunlop Elite III 250, I've had good and not good luck. Like I said, depended on how I was riding it. Got 11,000 out of the stock rear, got 10, 000 out of my first Elite III. But the last two, I only got around 6-7 grand out of them. Riding it like I stole it. Paid the price.

    Keep the tires near or at max pressure for longer life. I've always attempted to keep my tires right at or very near 42 psi. But those last two Elite III's, I got complacent on doing that. Just assumed they'd be good and go riding. Couple months later check them, they're down around 30 - 32 psi. I'm certain I lost some tread life due to that.
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    I'm on my third set of Dunlop E3 250 rear and Dunlop D251 front tires. I normally get 11-12K miles performance out of the tires. I may try the Dunlop E4 whenever they make a 150 for the front tire.

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