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    What's up guys? Quick question. I just replaced the spark plugs on my 2012 M109. everything went well until i put my tank back on. it has a bit of play in the front. also both bushings are there too. it appears to line up fine other than the play. Thanks.
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    If both bushings are in place and secure, and the bolt is installed at the base of the tank, then it should be fairly snug as 1 bolt and 2 bushings can hold the tank.
    I know it's happened to me that both bushings were in place when putting the tank on, but one fell out as I was sliding it you would have movement in one direction, but not the other.
    If you reach under the edge of the tank when it's installed you can feel the bushings to make sure it's in place still.
    Could the bushings be worn a bit?
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    THe bushings do wear out and the tank moves a little. Mine does, it's 13 years old. Just, like was mentioned above, make sure the bushings are actually still there. Some here have put a bit of silicone adhesive on them, so they never fall off again. I'm doing it the next time I have the tank off.

    These are available, if there just a little pricey for some around here.
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