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    Had the mechanic over to give my bike some care. Got a full set of new brake discs, front and back (OEM), new grips (Ali express) and a cheap LED bulb from a local shopping site. Can't wait to ride at night to see how the LED is. The previous owner had installed a LED bulb which had now burnt out. When we got the nacelle open, we saw that the previous "mechanic" (butcher really) had snipped off the H4 socket. Luckily we found an H4 socket in a nearby shop so could wire it properly. Shaking my head at the previous owner's lack of care.

    Man I changed the brake discs just in time, one of the front sets was just starting to show bare metal. I had been riding for two weeks with as little front braking as possible. Took a quick spin in my neighbourhood and the new discs feel so good. The brakes were "wooden" with the old ones.

    Anyway, Just thought I would share my excitement with you all. Bye.

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    That’s awesome brother. The previous owner of “Sally” wasn’t a mechanical genius either, to her to the shop and they said there were 8 bolts missing go figure. I will admit I’m a mechanical moron so hello shop

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