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    Hi. Out of the blue I have a FI C46 error.
    I believe its the SET valve. I have a stock exhaust.
    The bike had sat for a few months. On starting it again the battery was low and it swung the motor a few times and then died.
    With a new battery it started perfectly but with the FI flashing.

    I know most just cut or pull a wire and disable the valve but I want it working as it should.

    I got under the bike, took off the cover at the valve (the shaft and spring on the pipe) and observed the spring and shaft while cycling the kill switch on and off.
    It swings positively through about 90° and back again smoothly. Cables and shaft appear to run freely.
    If the engine off 'default position' is 'open', then it means it closed and opened again smoothly every time I cycled the kill switch.

    To me this means the plastic gear is fine.

    I started the bike and observed the spring and shaft from idle up to 6000 rpm in neutral expecting to see it perhaps close at idle and then open at higher rpm but it did not move from the resting position at all, at any RPM..

    Is my test valid ?

    Is the exhaust valve slaved to the RPM or will it only activate when running in gear ?

    I don't know how I would check if it moves when running in gear unless I get the rear wheel off the ground.

    Thanks for any advice or ideas you may have.


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