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    Cool The Gauntlet map

    For anyone interested...

    I couldn't find a Google Maps version of The Gauntlet in North Georgia, so I created one.

    Since I spent the time to put the turn-by-turn together based on the map on that website, I figured I'd share with the group. Here is the Google Maps link that you can use for navigation:

    I haven't been yet, but looking forward to the trip. Was scheduled to go this upcoming weekend, but lots of rain in the forecast. I don't mind getting wet, but riding these kinds of twisties, in the mountains, in the rain is just asking for trouble, so rescheduling for a more sunny weekend!

    I saw an old thread that had similar info, but the Google Maps link was broken, so I wanted to add this one.


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    Right on, that was very cool of you.

    Hopefully next year things will slow down a bit and I can go make some of these rides.


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    I did the gauntlet and the whole top half of the ride around Blairsville sucked. I hit 75a to 348. 348 to 180 across 19 (blood mountain) all the way over to 60. Take 60 south and then come back up 19 (blood mountain) and then take 180 back over to 348. But I live south of Atlanta, so I come up 129 around Helen.


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