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    I recently dropped my bike after a guy cut me off. Now when I put the key in it the oil light is on and after I ride it the check code comes on but, no oil is leaking from my bike.

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    I take it the person who cut you off kept on going. If you didn’t do it, you should’ve called the police and filed an accident/incident report, contacted your insurance immediately to inform them, provided your insurance company with the police report, obtained a damage estimate from the insurance adjuster or your local dealership, had your insurance company provide you with a check for the damages,and finally, taken your bike to the dealership to have the repairs completed according to the repair estimate. Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook something, or simply be totally oblivious to components being damaged, because you don’t know they’re there, or you can’t physically see the damage. Perhaps you need to get the bike in front of a reliable bike mechanic, and let him determine the cause of the problems you’re having.

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