Hey there. I’ll throw my vote in for the Freedom Performance Sharp Curve Radius w/quiet baffles..

I initially went from stock to Turnas Dump Pipes and enjoyed those for about 6 months. They ended up wearing me down though. They are ridiculously loud and drone in a few spots on the power band. I got tired of having to wear ear plugs underneath my Shoei Neotec II so I decided to change it up.

The Freedom Performance Sharp Curve Radius with the quiet baffle inserts are PERFECT and I believe are the exact sound you might be looking for. They’re tame in lower RPMs but definitely have a roar once you crack open the throttle. The quiet baffles soften the harsher tones you would get using straight baffles. The pitch is a little higher that I would prefer, but still deep enough to be satisfying. I have not heard a drone in any gear or RPM. Quiet enough to hear my music over the SENA, but loud enough to fit the bikes character. I’m VERY pleased with this change.

Good luck! Ride safe..