Just bought a new to me M109R Northern Maine
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Thread: Just bought a new to me M109R Northern Maine

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    Default Just bought a new to me M109R Northern Maine

    I’ve wanted one for a long time and I finally found one the other day and today I put a deposit on it. It’s a 2008 with just over 5000 miles and I’m the second owner, the original owner is the mechanic at the local Suzuki dealership that I bought it from (he traded it in on a car at the car dealership also owned by the owner of the Suzuki dealership). It’s going a programmer and a set of pipes and it’s been debadged. I can’t wait for spring to get here so I can give it a rip ! Also I’m trying to find a 2xl m109r jacket that they gave the the buyers of the first ones of these back in 06 if anyone knows someone who has one for sale, I’ve found one online and I’m trying to get a hold of the seller now but he doesn’t seem to be responding to my messages yet so I’d definitely be interested if anyone has a lead ... don’t mind the dirt it’s been in their storage building all winter, they are gonna get it out and cleaned up and serviced and a new inspection sticker done while I’m out on the road this week (truck driver) and I’m gonna pay the balance and pick it up when I get home... I think I did ok price wise $6000 seemed fair to me with the low mileage and the extras. Anyway I’m glad to be here and I hope to learn a few things reading some of the old threads !!
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    Congrats and welcome to the 9 family. Be sure they change all fluids, fuel filter, and spark plugs. Have fun breaking her in.

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    Nice find. Congrats and welcome to the forum. You'll love the bike

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    welcome to the forum, congrats on the new bike. Some time in August ill be up around Bar Harbor ,thats about as far northern maine we ride but its beautiful country.


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    Welcome and congrats.
    As for the M109R Jacket - I was on a similar hunt recently. BCS found a number of listings in FB Marketplace he shared here, that's how I eventually got mine. Not sure how BCS keeps finding them - I don't do FB and find their marketplace is a P.I.T.A to search... wife had to arrange it for me. Lol.

    Here is an old thread for reference. (https://www.m109riders.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=344662)
    Jacket by the way was totally worth it for me; I think it is not only a beautiful, heavy leather armoured jacket, it's also a fun "vintage" collector item for 9'ers (and will go PERFECTLY with your new bike colours!!). Be aware that sizing is an issue if you don't already know - they size it about 1 or 2 sizes "big" (or is that "small?"). So if you normally wear 2XL, expect 3XL or 4XL to fit. It is hard to know for sure. Ask around for guys your size to see what they ended up happy with. I am 180lb 6'0, 42" chest 34" pant. I normally wear L shirts but end up with M bike jackets fitting. I could only find a "Large" size M109R jacket, which fit nicely in the chest, arms are perfect, but I had these "bat wings" of flap under the arms down to the waist - I had a pro tailor take 2 inches off from the armpit down (~1" each side) and now it fits perfectly. Fyi when shopping.
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