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    I've got 68k on my clutch. I plan to replace and hope to up grade all related parts. Any suggestions on plates, steels,basket, ect?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fast Daddy View Post
    I've got 68k on my clutch. I plan to replace and hope to up grade all related parts. Any suggestions on plates, steels,basket, ect?
    Read this as well:



    My apologies, I did not realised you posted this question on C109 thread...

    It is for M109R clutch...
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    There has been a lot of talk about later model clutch on the M's and C's being updated in 2011. And that the 2011 upgrade will fit in the older bikes. The change is the number of clutch plates. More clutch plates, but these plates are a little thinner so the stack is the same thickness. The newer plates will fit in your basket. You do need to buy all new springs and spring bolts to go along with the new plates.

    I bought the clutch plates, springs, and bolts to fix my chatter issue. Its still winter here so I haven't done it yet. I used this site and this diagram to order my parts. https://www.cheapcycleparts.com/oemp...876a488/clutch. I ordered all the plates shown in diagram. 10-5-9-12-13-6. also the springs 4 and bolts 14. I also ordered the cover gasket found on another diagram from same seller. It was expensive. But its all Factory Suzuki parts in factory sealed bags that came.

    There maybe a cheaper solution but I'm happy I bought all factory parts. I plan to install over the next several weeks before spring.

    So I did some background checking and if I remember correctly I found the 2008 C109 had less clutch plates in the diagram matching what the older M models had, but the 2009 diagram had more plates and identical to the 2011 M109. I think the C109 had the updated clutch the whole time and was later incorporated into the M109s bikes in 2011 to fix the problem they were having. Its that or the web site had just automatically updated the 2009 C109 with the latest clutch pack. I haven't been inside my bike yet to know whats there. But if you do a parts comparison to the 2011 M109 you'll find the 2009 C109 is already using those parts according to the parts diagram I ordered from.

    Hope this helps
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    Why didn't you replace all the clutch plates, from the numbers you listed you didn't order all the clutches.

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