Hey there everybody! After a 2 year semi retirement I am back in the saddle at Coastal Moto. I will be posting under the CMJeff name and the BGJeff will no longer be used.

As many of you probably know the company relocated from Florida to Hendersonville, TN (suburb of Nashville). I had already moved back to the area (Bowling Green, KY) to be closer to family. Jason and his family are from this area originally. So, when deciding to start doing more in house manufacturing, moving back home made the most sense. Getting chrome plating done on a level like we need isn't happening in Florida and would be too expensive to ship all the wheels out and then back again. So, we are all back where we started.

There was a glitch with my username and posting yesterday for Cyber Monday, SO, if you are interested in some wheels for the best Suzuki ever made, go to www.coastalmoto.com and order up, or you can give us a call. I have extended it to make sure everyone is able to take advantage. I look forward to catching up with everyone soon!!