I wanted to touch on something that bothers me. This may be lengthy so bear with me. And autocorrect may strike once or twice so I apologize.

Ok to start I'm an insurance adjuster. I enjoy what I do but I've seen some things that bother me. The biggest thing is motorcycle accidents .

It's very difficult for me handling motorcycle accidents as I can almost feel the pain myself.

But what I've seen way too many times is a motorcyclist involved in an accident with someone who has no insurance or the state minimums.

A car pulls out in front of you causing you to go down and end up in the hospital.

1 surgery and you've exhausted their insurance. Now not only are you hurt (or worse) but in debt for 100s of thousands of dollars possibly. The person that hit you has nothing to sue them for.

You get a lawyer who promises hes going to take care of you. As soon as he realizes there's no money he drops you...

My point is please carry um/uim insurance on your bike. Uninsured and underinsured motorist only adds a little to your bill but could save you thousands in the end.

/rant off