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    Well I have been working on my bike, getting my rugged tablet mounted to the handlebars and adding some do-dads that I ordered while at sea.

    Also have been working on my bike trailer, installing a new floor in it, put in a dividing wall to separate the bikes from the cargo and installed 2 chocks that can be move between 3 positions and put in many tie down points so I can haul one bike or two bikes.

    NOW.....we got this late season storm heading up into the gulf and some of the models put it close enough to possible flood my place again.

    I flooded during hurricane Hermine back in 2016, I was not home and the wife just could not build a good enough barrier to keep the water out of the house.

    Its going to be a very busy couple of days, I gotta get a Uhaul and empty the house, take all the bikes inland and put them in storage, build barriers around all the doors and then, fun, fun.

    There is still a chance this thing will go far enough west that we do not get a storm surge but I can not rely on that and have to prepare today and tomorrow in case it does move east and mess us up.

    I am only 3 ft above sea level so it does not take much to flood my neighborhood and most of my town.

    I guess I am not going to the track in Orlando this weekend.

    Will update as I know more.


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    I remember all the storms and hurricanes when I lived in Florida. Preparing for them was a task. Do what you have to do and be safe!

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    Anybody heard anything from BCS? From what I've seen, the Florida panhandle got hit pretty hard, 155 mph winds and massive flooding. Looked pretty devastating to me. I hope he and his family are safe and their home didn't get destroyed.
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