Finished project video:

Before you start to change/cut anything on your stock exhaust system on your bike, I recommend that you remove the top muffler from the system to hear what it is going to sound like...Follow the LINK above and complete the steps on pages 1-10..If you like that sound continue on with the complete removal of the system. Once you complete the steps up to page 16 and have the entire system on a soft surface, so you don’t scratch the chrome areas; Remove the black support bracket. Pages 17-19, now cut it as in PHOTO 2 behind the welds, grind it smooth and painted it. Now set it aside.

Continue on with pages 20-25. I cut mine with a sawzall. There is a seam on the bottom of the upper pipe you just cut and the rest of the muffler end, mark that seam with a marker as you will use the mark to line-up the tip for welding in the near future. Now go to the other end of that upper pipe mark the same seam so you can line it up after you cut it off. Measure 1 inch down the pipe from the angled end on the rest of that muffler and cut it off, I cut off approx 20”. I measured from the taper in the pipe and marked it all the way around so I got a straight cut. I recommend you wrap it in painters tape before you mark it and cut it so you won't damage the chrome...

Now you are done with that pipe, (except welding), you are done with the link and the rest of this is the a just a bit harder to do but if you take your time it is not that difficult.

Now tape and cut the lower pipe angle end off at the weld, (which is 1” back from angle end and will be same length as upper cut off end). This area is covered in black heat resistant paint. This lower end pipe is now the same length as the other tapered end from the upper pipe now. The pipes are double walled pipes so make sure you cut through both pipes. I was told you can use a chop saw as well, but I liked the sawzall.

Next take the lower muffler and cut it in half between the two welds that hold the chrome heat shield to it. Grind the weld that holds the chrome heat shield to the pipe off and remove the clamp near the CATALYTIC CONVERTER. Once this is done you need to plan how you want the pipes to look, do you want them to be even at the ends like mine are or do you want them staggered as they were from the manufacturer. This is where welding the upper pipe is necessary as it will aid in the alignment of the lower pipe.

To weld the two pieces of the upper pipe together you need to use a 3" hole drill, (See Photo 3) use it to cut out the center of the end cap. This will allow for welding through the end on the inside of the end piece. Make sure you align the seam marks/marker marks if you want the same angle of the tips as they were, on the stock pipes, (look at my photo of my pipes). Once welded, slide the Upper shorten pipe back into place onto the CAT and if done correctly it should align parallel with the lower pipe left on that will be cut shortly. The Upper pipe pieces must be welded straight and strong.

Now take the angle tip from the lower pipe and make sure you remove the inner pipe from the outer chrome pipe. I cleaned off all of the weld marks inside and out, be careful not to damage the chrome finish. I used a Dremel Tool and took my time. Now take that end pipe which will fit freely over the steel pipe don't worry about it fitting sloppy at this point it will fit tight before welding. Mark and cut steel pipe leftover inner tube to desired length, So you obtain the desired look. You have about an inch of play at this cut/weld point so not critical cut. Once you have to desired look between the two pipes, take the piece of inner pipe that is scrap and cut a piece off of it 3/4 inch wide to use as a sleeve to make the tip fit tight on the steel pipe. Cut the seam of that sleeve to open it up so it will fit over the steel pipe you are going to weld the tip too. Now align the lower tip with the upper pipe (angle so they look parallel) and mark both pieces of the lower pipes with marker n weld. When welding stay close to end of cut tip as to not damage the chrome and keep weld as smooth as possible.. several small welds is sufficient. Now cut the chrome cover that covers the lower pipe end to desired length, clean up cut with paddle wheel, assemble system back together and install back onto bike.

Hope this helped you out as I did not intend to make instructions on doing this or would have made a video as I went. On a scale of 1-10 in difficulty, I would give it rating of 6-7, only because of the small margin of error.

My set of pipes are 4 sale...