Hi guys/gals. Just wondering if any KC/MO riders are in the market for a set of forward controls? A buddy of mine just got another M109r with forwards installed and he wants to go back to the stock foot controls. They are DLX PRODOX 3" forwards in chrome. They are the smooth looking ones not the serrated ones. These are not in perfect condition, but for a few dollars and some time they would look great again. The chrome on the shifter and brake arms is flaking. If it were me, I would have those two arms powder coated black or you could sand and polish them up. There is also a leak where the banjo bolt goes into the reservoir. We tried new crush washers but it looks like the threads will need to be repaired with a helicoil. The bolt goes in, but you cant tighten it down enough to stop it from leaking while applying presser to the brakes. He is interested in a trade for stock controls and $200 cash. If you have any other questions please let me know.

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