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    Lightbulb Starter motor

    After filling up at the petrol station my bike would not start. To be exact the motor turned over very slowly, way too slow to get it to start. There was a hill nearby... I don't want to tell about the struggle to jump start that beast

    motor was running fine, so I though it was the battery, pulled it out and tested it at a battery place 380CCA so it was fine.

    next I thought perhaps starter relay, shorted the terminals on the relay with a copper bar, same thing, engine turened very slowly

    So last problem - starter motor -expensive!

    As I always try to repair things, even when I am told it's not possible! motor was fine!
    as I was putting everything together I realised the nuts holding the lug of the +cable was corodet and had some burn marks on it. I filed all the dirt and corrosion off and put it back onto the bike.

    It turned over beautifully, I think even faster than ever before

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    Always try the cheap fix first. Congrats!

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