Hesitaion at idle when bliping throttle
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Thread: Hesitaion at idle when bliping throttle

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    Default Hesitaion at idle when bliping throttle

    Hesitaion at idle when bliping throttle. I just installed an intake kit, PowerPro, and spark plugs. The plugs I removed where CR8's. But I read in the owners manual to use CR7's. The 7's are what I put back in. I ordered the 7's without knowing there were 8's in the bike.

    After finishing up my install I noticed when revving up the engine while in neutral, from dead low idle, the bike has a serious hesitation. You can hear the air getting sucked in thru the new intakes, but the engine bogs for a second and then races up to speed. Its just slow to accept the fuel dump when I give the throttle a good hard twist. If I have the RPMs elevated a bit and then blip the throttle hard it seems ok. Out on the road I cant say I have any complaints, but its been a few months since I rode it because of the winter, so cant really tell any change. Although I still think its running like an animal, I feel I maybe missing out on some horse power do to the issue I can reproduce every time at idle speed. I don't remember my bike acting this way at all before my mods.

    Could the different temp spark plugs cause this? It was a mother to get the front injector plugged in but if I have to I will disconnect the powrpro and try it without it connected. I was expecting more I guess out of a new set of intakes and fuel controller.

    Im ordering another set of plugs and getting the 8's. No point in putting the old ones back in to test that possibility. Oh the only thing I have tried is I took the cover off the powrpro and tweaked the POT about 3/8's turn. No notable change. Again my only complaint is the way she reacts at dead low idle and giving the throttle a good wack..it runs good on the road. But I don't want to be leaving any horse power on the table. If its acting like this at idle maybe I am losing a bit on the road too. Had a great ride with the guys Sunday and I did notice I got the rear tire to spin under heavy acceleration when I wasn't expecting it to break traction....so cant be running that awful.

    Any thoughts or recommendations welcomed. I have 15,000 miles on the bike. The spark plugs I took out looked great. All pretty even in color. Little wear.
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    I have no experience with the power pro . But my guess is that's where your issue is . Rember you can't go dumping a lot of gas and air in if it can't get out ! I don't think it's the plugs if it was it would probably gave a bigger issue in uper rpm. I assume it starts and idols fine ?
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