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    Has anyone tried a dampening grease to lessen the touchy throttle response? Something like what's seen in the video below? I've installed a atre, and a throttle tamer and it's helped a bit but still not to my liking for city riding in 1st and 2nd. For my "twist the happy stick and be happy" folks. I love the torque and power, I just want to apply it when I want and not accidentally when I hit a bump in the road. Also any other suggestions that don't involve giving up my 9 would be welcome. Thanks
    I had a "touchy" trottle ... very annoying at low speeds and when I started moving on first gear . I solved the problem by adjusting it with the smaller adjust wheel located on the cable by the trottle grip . It will give more or less play to the trottle , allowing you to exert control of the acceleration . That is probably what you need to do .
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