Revo M109R Anti-Vibration Bar End
There are various after market custom grips on the market for people to choose from, for instance, Kuryakyn. Although these grips have a more fancy look, they will seriously deteriorate the handle feel while riding. Whats worse, the diameter of the grip widen substantially, which will result in trouble reaching the clutch lever or front brake lever.
With the REVO Heavy Steal Anti-Vibration Bar End installed on your stock grip, it not only can enhance the aggressiveness of your M109R, but also provide solid shock absorption while riding. Whats more, it could maintain the agility for reaching the clutch or front brake lever.

  • Total Weight of 2 pounds/1 pound per unit/Set
  • CNC machined out of steel
  • Triple chrome
  • Weighted to absorb vibration
  • Durable, lasting finish
  • Designed to fit like OEM
  • Includes everything as pictured
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