GA riders we are planning a ride for Saturday, September 5th. If it rains us out, we will go the following day (Sunday Sept 6). This is the same ride we planned back in April. Nine riders in the metro Atlanta area will roll down to Warner Robins for lunch. Why Warner Robins you may ask? 1) There's the Ole Time Country Buffet that serves the best country cooking in the state. 2) I know a very nice route through country roads that are very scenic and have very little auto traffic; we will have the road to ourselves. 3) It's Middle Ga so many riders around the state would be able to enjoy a day trip, meet for lunch, and be back home within a reasonable time frame. For the metro Atlanta area riders round trip is about 300 miles from Marietta. It's about a 2 1/2 hour ride so if we do KSU from the meet up spot at 9:30/10:00, that would put us there at lunch time. Mikeb and other Nine riders from south GA will meet us for lunch. The distance from Albany to Warner Robins is about the same. So, respond to the thread and let us know your thoughts and other ideas. Right now we have possibly five riders that are going from the metro area. Let Roll!!